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IndexAn introduction to this area of our website
1. Ancient TimesThe history of Cyprus goes back 11,000 years
2. Byzantine 330-1191New Cyprus after the earthquakes which destroyed the cities
3. Frankish 1191-1570Cyprus was ruled by the Frankish kingdom
4. Ottomans 1571-1878The Ottoman occupation of Cyprus
5. British 1878-1959Britain & Turkey signed the Cyprus Convention.
Broadcasting CorporationA public broadcasting service which transmits Cyprus wide on three radio and two television channels.
EOKA 1954-59Cyprus struggle to become an independent country in 1960.
Heritage DestructionArchaeological heritage of Cyprus suffered considerably from looters
Postal ServiceFirst known letter sent from Cyprus was in 1353 from Famagusta to Constantinople.
TelecommunicationsTelecommunications in Cyprus began on 9 November 1870.
UNIFCYP from 1964UN peacekeeping in Cyprus
Civil MarriagesThe contracting of civil marriage in Cyprus is valid since 1923.
Clean BeachesBathing water along Cyprus coastline is the cleanest in Europe
Between TownsDistances between Cyprus Towns and Airports
DrivingInformation about driving in E.U. Cyprus.
1. Climate on the Island Cyprus an island of sunshine
2. Weather Temperture ChartsWeather conditions in Cyprus
3. History of Cyprus Weather StationsFrom 1866 to 2005
3. Hot Weather RisksGuide to the best way to stay cool and safe in hot weather.

Cyprus Diary EventsDiary of forthcoming events

AlbumsAn introduction to this area of our website
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Pafos Choir FestivalPhoto Album
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Polis Chrysochou BayPhoto Album
Pope Benedict XVI Photo Album
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Tombs of the Kings Photo Album
Wild Birds Photo Album

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